Mono-Gram - A Reason to Have a Plan – Potential for Flooding 1/06/2017

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A Reason to Have a Plan – Potential for Flooding


By now, you have probably seen all the warnings about an “atmospheric river” heading our way. Sorry if this is a duplication, but better several notifications rather than none!

First, here is the link to the alert from the Town of Mammoth Lakes:

Attached is the alert from Mono County.

Also attached is advice regarding personal and family plans for disasters. You will see a series of these in the coming months, as we attempt to give you “bite-sized” tools to assist you in being better prepared for any-and- all of our potential hazards in the Eastern Sierra.


Remember, there will not be enough first responders to go around when a large disaster strikes. You will become the first responder for your household, and perhaps your neighbors, in the initial stages of a large event.

So, while you listen to the rain begin to pound down on your roof, take heed, and decide what you and your household will do to be better prepared in 2017! A good weekend to have that converation!

Wishing you a safe and healthy 2017!